What is Independent Living?

Independent Living is about having choices, making decisions, taking risks, making mistakes and taking responsibility for your decisions. Independent Living means having control over your life. 

What is Independent Living Nova Scotia (ILNS)?

Founded in 1989, ILNS is a registered charity supporting persons with disabilities through programs and services that promote Independent Living (IL). ILNS runs the only Independent Living Resource Centre in Nova Scotia and is one of the 24 IL organizations across Canada.

Our Mission

ILNS champions the right to live independently and supports individuals in their pursuit of independence.

Our Vision

The vision of ILNS is that all Nova Scotians with disabilities have the ability to live a full, independent life at home, work, and play within an inclusive community.

Independent Living Principles:

  1. Consumer Direction - Independent Living respects the right of persons with disabilities to set their own goals and make their own choices;
  2. Cross-Disability Representation - Independent Living services are available for persons with any range and number of disabilities;
  3. A Strong Community Base - Persons with disabilities can identify issues in their own communities and lives;
  4. Integration and Full Participation - Independent Living supports persons with disabilities participate in all aspects of community life: economic, social and cultural.

Annual Reports

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Supporting persons with disabilities live independently in the community

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