Art of Disability Festival: The Remix

Our Art of Disability Festival: the Remix will be held from August 10-16, 2020!

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This year we will be launching an online catalogue for artists, which will exist on our website under its own page. Vendors will be able to submit photos, biographies, and personal website or sales information for interested customers. We are also hoping to share a few online events, including a live paint-a-long and a webinar!

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Welcome to the Art of Disability Festival: the Remix. This webpage is the hub for information related to this year’s festival. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing information for both vendors and customers about how to partake in the festival.

Our festival will consist of the following events or resources: 

Artist Catalogue

Vendors from our past festival markets are welcomed and encouraged to submit profiles for our Artist Catalogue. Artist’s have the opportunity to share headshots, short biographies, photos or samples of their work, and links to their websites, Facebook pages, or other contact information. 

We are now accepting applications for our Artist Catalogue. Please read either our Artist Information Package by clicking here for the PDF document. If you require a plain-text Word version of our Artist Information Package, please email

Once you have read our Artist Information Package, please fill out our Artist Catalogue Submission Form here. To view a list of our Artist Catalogue Submission Form questions, please click here.

We are accepting submissions from July 2 - August 1.


In collaboration with a local artist, we will showcase a “Paint-a-long” via Zoom, where viewers are invited to paint at home and follow the creative process. This event will happen live during the festival. 

Webinars: Art & Disability

We will be hosting an undetermined number of public webinars, including a panel of speakers to discuss the topics of independent living, artistry, and disability advocacy. Please stay connected for updates on dates and times. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email and we will work to answer any inquiries you may have.

Supporting persons with disabilities live independently in the community

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