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Get to know the #FacesOfILNS - each Friday we will highlight a consumer, staff member, or board member so you can get to know more about ILNS.

Get to know this week’s #FeatureFriday Farzan Hedayat. Farzan is a Residential Resource Worker (RRW) Team Lead at our residences in the Shared Services Pilot (SSP). Meet Farzan:

Q: How long have you been with ILNS?

A: I joined ILNS at the end of July 2022. Before that, I worked for one of ILNS’ consumers for about nine months as a caregiver and personal assistant. I learned about ILNS and the Shared Attendant Pilot through the book this client was working on. While doing my master’s degree in the winter of 2022, I had to create a language learning module reflecting a cultural aspect in Halifax. I decided to choose the topic of transport for people with disabilities. It was then that I became familiar with ILNS and its activities.

Q. What does your role entail?

A. I’m an RRW Team Lead in our Shared Services Pilot (SSP). This role entails planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating the service delivery for the SSP. I also need to manage the day-to-day operations and tasks of the pilot program and the care and services we provide to our participants. As a team lead, I must also ensure that the staff are directed and advised towards delivering services to the residents. I am also responsible for being the communication bridge between the residence and the management team. Therefore, I must prepare reports and briefs and participate in policy development. Last but not least, my role includes training the new staff and regularly evaluating the team to ensure our services meet the required standards.

Q: What are a few things everyone should know about you?

A: Because of my academic background, I believe in education and learning new skills and knowledge. I’m very practical, and I usually take a problem-solving approach when there is an issue. I’m passionate about learning and even more passionate about training and working with people.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you want to share with our audience?

A: Well, I’m too young to advise other people, but there is an old saying that originated from the medieval Persian Sufi poet Attar Nishapur. The saying goes, “This too shall pass.” Nothing in this world lasts indefinitely. The only thing which remains is how other people will remember us. So my advice is to be kind to other people and help others overcome their fears and barriers.   

Q: What’s one future goal you have for yourself?

A: I am developing my leadership and coaching skills. I am working on finding more connections between my academic background and the type of work that I am currently doing, so I can contribute more to the community.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working for ILNS?

A: Working for ILNS allowed me to meet with the most wonderful people in our community. This includes the residents and the staff, and the management team. Every day I have a new adventure, learn something new and discover something about my character. Our job is challenging but so rewarding and enjoyable. I have a strong sense of affiliation with ILNS and the mission and vision of the company. ILNS is my second family. I want to thank all my team members and the management team for believing in Independent Living and providing an environment for people with disabilities to pursue that cause.

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What’s one future goal you have for yourself?

 I would love to keep learning new things and challenging myself both personally and professionally. I also want to continue finding new ways to better advocate for the people I support.

-Valentina AlvarezILNS Residential supervisor

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