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About Independent Living Support (ILS)

Have you been approved for Independent Living Support (ILS) funding through the Disability Support Program (DSP)? ILS helps persons connect with their community and reach their independence goals and supports them to live on their own. If you are looking for support that:

  • Is directed by you (person-directed)
  • Helps you build independence
  • Is flexible and adaptive
  • Helps link you to community connections

Contact us today to get started: 
or 902-453-0004

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ILS Service Options

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Our ILS services offers a wide range of supports for each participant, and is a collaboration between ILS staff and each participant to create a personalized plan covering any of the following areas:

  • Instrumental activities of daily living
  • Routines related to promotion and maintenance of health and wellness
  • Medication management
  • Family or personal network involvement
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Community participation & transportation
  • Professional supports
  • Educational & vocational activities
  • Social & leisure activities
  • Budgeting

Extra ILS Features:

  • Roommate pairing - if you are interested in finding someone to live with, we will support you in finding the perfect roommate.
  • Community mapping - you will have a well-rounded list of all available options and support in your area.
  • Inventory assessment - is a great guide for budgeting and purchasing items for your home and support needs.
  • Support staff - if you are looking for someone to come support you in your home, we will find the perfect staff. 

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Supporting persons with disabilities live independently in the community

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