ImSET is funded in part by the Canadian Association of Supported Employment (CASE) and the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiative Program.

Independent Mindset Skills for Empowerment & Transition (ImSET) guides persons with disabilities (PWDs) on their journey towards Independent Living (IL) and successful employment. With direct support from service providers, ImSET helps individuals attain the social and emotional skills for success.

ImSET for:

Supported Employment

Three colleagues discuss a work project together.

ImSET assists job-seekers in knowing what are appropriate workplace behaviours for their professional image.

IL Skill Development

CAP participant cooking in front of the stove during a life skills activity.

ImSET provides your clients with the resources so they can gain the necessary independent living skills. 

Community Transition

ImSET helps identify support services, so individuals can fully integrate and participate in their communities. 

What is ImSET?

ImSET is a collaborative tool that empowers individuals, service providers, and organizations to develop specific IL goals and tailored action plans that influence social and emotional skill development.

Who Can Use ImSET?

How ImSET Works

ImSET is easy to set up and use, making it a beneficial tool for your agency. In four easy steps, you’ll be on the way to assisting your clients live independently.

  1. Customize your skills - ImSET allows you to select from different skills categories that will support your clients best and provides definition and behaviour examples to help you communicate expectations.
  2. Train case management staff - your staff can be quickly oriented on how to use ImSET and what details to include so they capture real-time feedback for follow-up with their clients. 
  3. Share with clients - use self-reflective questionnaires to establish expectations, address challenges, and monitor progress. 
  4. Put a plan in place - ImSET helps you assist your clients by identifying early individual intervention opportunities. 

ImSET Skills Include:


 A person’s willingness to admit mistakes, accept responsibility for them, learn from mistakes, and accept feedback constructively.


The ability to receive, understand, consider, and share information and ideas through speaking, listening, and interacting with others.

Cultural Awareness

The ability to act appropriately and effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. Skills that lead to appropriate intercultural interactions include open-mindedness, tolerance, respect, empathy, self-awareness, and cultural awareness.

Healthy Choices

The ability to make decisions that benefit the body or mind. These include issues about hygiene, body choices, drug and alcohol use, and relationships.



Proficiency in activities of daily living (ADL), financial literacy and community navigation.

Stress Management

To reduce the negative impacts caused by stress and to improve a person's physical and mental well-being. Stress management may include self-care, managing one's response to stress, and making changes to one's life when in a stressful situation.


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Supporting persons with disabilities live independently in the community

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