RISE Program

Reaching for Inclusive, Successful Education & Employment (RISE)

Floating hand and a soaring paper airplane in front of a light blue circle. To the right of this image, is RISE in large font and underneath in smaller sized font is: Reaching for Inclusive, Successful Education and Employment

Image description: three RISE participants working together at a table in the ILNS office to complete an escape room activity called "Inside the Box."

Image description: six RISE participants standing outside on a sunny day and in front of them there are several garbage filled bags.

Are you 18-30 years old?
Do you identify as having a disability(ies)?
Do you live in the Halifax area?
Are you struggling to find a job that's right for you?

We can help! Apply for RISE today: 

Program Details 

  • 24-week paid transition program
  • As a RISE team member you will:
    • Gain employability skills through workshops
    • Put what you've learned into practice through community work experience
    • Explore careers that are based on your skills & interests
    • Receive on-the-job coaching so you can succeed
    • Finish RISE with a job placement that works for you & will lead you to employment
    • And so much more!


"I really liked RISE. It helped me a lot. I look forward to the future ahead of me."

"I learned how to work with others in different ways while on the job."

"Through RISE I enjoyed working in a group and using teamwork to get things done."

"I'll bring more confidence to my job as I feel it has gotten better through RISE."

Have questions? Reach out to us at rise@ilns.ca or 902-453-0004. 

Supporting persons with disabilities live independently in the community

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